Saturday, April 16, 2011

what to wear: engagement pictures

Gooooood Saturday morning!
And I mean it. Though I am supposed to be doing work on my residency I am a bit distracted by online shopping right now. Oops. 
We have engagement pictures coming up in t-minus 3 weeks! (Finally, I know!)
And I have NO idea what to wear.

Well, a slight idea, but I am the world's worst decision maker. Seriously.

We are doing our engagement pictures on Vanderbilt's campus and around downtown- I am SO excited! Any Nashvillians- feel free to suggest specific locations. We (though CSB doesn't know it yet...) are going to go on a field trip in the next couple of weeks to get a better idea. 
And props? Does a fluffy puppy count? Yep, Paise is going to make an appearance in at least a few shots.

Back to my dilemma- what to wear??

My ideas thus far: Classic, simple dress + heels
Maybe one of these: 

Then a more casual dress + flats or wedges & maybe boots

LOVE this one... Maybe not for pictures but just for spring/summer life in general. 

or this one from LOFT (I can't figure out how to load the picture...): HERE

Lastly I am considering either jeans and a cute top OR skinny capri khakis and a cute top.

Thoughts? All you ladies out there who have done engagement pictures already- advice?? Do you look back now and wish you'd done it differently?

Have a wonderful weekend, all! I am going to be back to work, run a few errands, and have a baby shower to attend this afternoon!


Gentri said...

I am nowhere near getting married, but pretty much all of my friends are. So I've seen a lot of weddings. I think it's ok for you to do a few different outfits. WHy not? Then when the pictures come out you don't say "aw man. I should have worn that..." etc. So pick a dress or two (I really like that anthro dress..) and a casual outfit or two. :) Then you have options.

A-town said...

i think you need lots of color. Happy colors...not black. but then again. I really don't know how to dress myself much...

Ashley said...

My only regret is that we did them when it was FREEZING outside!! I did have a red coat from Banana on in some of them and everyone loved those the best because the bright color popped. But more than anything we just wanted to look and be ourselves in them. So wear what feels most like YOU!! We took our lab and those are definitely our favorites!!!

L.Caroline said...

Thanks, ladies!
Ashley- my main goal is definitely to look like US! There are so many cute, fun dresses out this spring but I feel like they are a little more trendy than I normally wear and I don't want to look back and question "what the heck was I wearing??", ha! AND- I am so excited our puppy will be there, too. :) She is a part of our life, after all.

LaLaVerde said...

I love them!!! and they are so you!!!
I love the fun anthropologie one especially and the black one too! I don't think you can go wrong with black or that style, you can add some fun colorful bangles or earrings!! Girl, call me back when you are a doctor!!! totally understand!!! Love you! Cant wait for your fun to begin!!
ps... I will be coming up there a couple of times in May! So we do need to plan for some fun!

The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

i always am an advocate for the different outfit changes... but def a fan of the "classic" look...something you won't regret!

you always strike me as a white dress and cowboy booy girl... hah played out maybe, but classic (i totally did it, complete with jean jacket) haha

Stefanie @Three-seventeen said...

How fun! I just found your blog through Natasha's. I am a new follower :) Good luck with all the wedding planning- it's wearing me out!