Friday, April 15, 2011

permission to be lazy! for a few hours, at least..

Ahhhh... I'm breathing a slight sigh of relief this Friday afternoon. I just got home from presenting my residency project (AKA my last graduate school project!) to the staff at the clinic I've collaborated with this semester. They loved it. Which, obviously, made me happy. I've worked on it for the last 14 weeks and it feel great to almost be done! (I still some finishing touches to put on the program as well as a very daunting portfolio to complete by next Friday)

Let me back up a little bit, as I've had a few questions from non-OT friends as well as blog followers. I am completing my third year of occupational therapy school at a private university in Nashville, TN. I will graduate next month with my clinical doctorate (One month from yesterday, to be exact!). The last component of our program is the development of advanced skills through the completion of a residency project. We are the first class to complete the process, so it's been an interesting process at times. Everyones' projects look different, as we all designed them ourselves. My residency project is focused on the development of a training program for a local autism center. I won't go too much in detail about the project... In part because it would bore you unless you are passionate about children with autism or a fellow OT and two because I am contemplating copyrighting the program I have designed and eventually publishing it. We shall see!

Anyway... I presented my project to the staff and it was well-recieved. In order to accomplish this, however, I was up waaaay past my bedtime last night. And woke up at 5 to do some last minute work. I'm exhausted. And haven't been sleeping well at night when I do sleep because I am so stressed... And though I still have lots and lots to do before next Friday (and a disgustingly messy home!), I am going to be lazy for a few hours. Read a bit, watch some DVRed shows from the last week, maybe even get a nap in on this rainy day. And then I will be back at it come this evening.... The fiance is in NY with a slew of his college buddies so I am solo this weekend. I will definitely miss him but have SO much work to do this weekend I wouldn't be much fun. The timing worked out well!

Happy Friday! Hope your weekend is wonderful!


Gentri said...

I think you are definately entitled to a break. :) Way to go on being so productive and working so hard!

A-town said...

Lo quit being so lazy