Thursday, May 19, 2011

it's Wednesday, right?

I already know the answer to this question. It is indeed NOT Wednesday, but Thursday. In fact, it's already Friday on the east coast! Whew!

It's been a whirlwind week (story of my life in the past few months). I began my first big-girl job this week and love it. I am exhausted, granted, but it's completely worth it. I am working at a local non-profit clinic for autism. Seriously, I know it's only one week in but in addition to loving the job in general I am also pretty excited about the people with which I work! And I am obsessed with the kids. Love, love, love them! They are so adorable, fun, and have endless potential. Do they require extra patience sometimes? Sure. But it's what I was made to do so I don't feel like it's too tough to provide, if that makes sense.

The perk about not realizing it was Thursday until this afternoon when my sweet neighbor reminded me it was Grey's season finale? The fact that tonight was the season finale! I am one of those folks who has watched from episode 1 and still watch every week. Sure, some seasons have been better than others, and some episodes better than others (Singing Greys? No thank you!). I still watch every week and allow myself to completely buy into the storyline. Any other fans out there?? It was a cliff hanger and of course I am already ready for the next season.

Paisley has been a bad puppy this week. As in I offered her up for adoption to anyone who mentioned the word "dog" in the last 48 hours. She was an angel on Monday. Tuesday? An angel. Wednesday? Not so much. Wednesday was tough for Paisley. She not only pottied on her nice bed downstairs but also chewed up a corner of the living room rug. I was NOT happy when I got home! Last night, while sitting at the dinner table, CSB glanced around into the living room to catch her chewing on the rug AGAIN. Needless to say, neither of us were entertained by her choice of chew toy. We sprayed lots of bitter apple (doggie safe!) spray onto the rug but it didn't phase her. Oh, my sweet puppy...

Ummm, I have no idea while I saved this for the end (best for last!) possibly because I am exhausted (have you seen a theme in my last several posts?). I am a featured blogger this week for GentriLee! She has a fun, adorable blog and I just won a MEGA giveaway! I cannot wait to share it with you once I receive my goodiess. :) Be sure to head over and check her out. I'll direct you her way again once the post is up.

That is all for the evening, this little girl needs some sleep!


Gentri said...

Thanks so much for the shout out!! :D Your post is up!

Maggy said...

I liked reading your post on Gentri's blog, sounds like you have a lot going on! I'm so sorry about the chewing...we have a puppy and thankfully no major losses yet, but we are working on her jumping habit...currently on our bed to snuggle in the morning! A hard one to say no too :)

LCR said...

Had to pop over here from Gentri's to check out your space! Super cute blog.
I hope you're dog starts being better:) Although it does make for pretty good bloggy stories:P