Thursday, May 5, 2011

suprises and sweets

Preface: This is a random, long post... I'm still playing catch up from last week! There are a few pictures so feel free to skip on down...

Last week I officially finished my residency project (you can read more about it here). After sixteen long weeks of work I was relieved to turn in my nearly 200 page thick portfolio and breath a BIG sigh of relief. (I didn't really know what to do with myself for the first day) Anyway, on Friday, day two of temporary freedom before I began studying for the NBCOT, a mysterious package appeared from Amazon.
Hmmmm... I didn't think I had ordered anything. I opened the box to find another box inside.
Those silly Amazonians!
I then opened that box to find a little piece of heaven. 

Actually, 12 little pieces of heaven. 

One of my very bestests (not a word, I know, but it's 1 in the morning and I am allowed) from college sent me a sweet note congratulating me on finishing residency and a box of bags of my favorite snack food ever. It made my entire week!

Another suprise (well, kind of suprise... CSB had already spilled the beans on the fact he was ordering me one for graduation) came in the mail last Saturday. I was baking away when the doorbell rang. I walked to the door, apron-clad and with a spatula in my hand (and I wondered why the FexEx man took a step back when I answered...) and accepted a second mysterious package. CSB intervened quickly and ushered me to a chair, instructing me to close my eyes. I'll save you the suspence (riiiiight). 

This little guy now has a home in the guest room/office: 
note: This may not be the exact model... But mine looks really similar! I haven't used it yet but CANNOT wait! 

Finally, CSB suprised me with "just because" flowers on Saturday. Tulips, my absolute favorite. :) Of course I don't have a picture... He certainly spoiled me last week.

On to the sweets! I made goodies for one of our neighbor/friend's little boy's first birthday on Saturday. The cupcakes and smash cake were so much fun to make! 

Last but certainly not least, I got a job! A real life, big girl, pay check included, JOB! :) I'll share more soon. 


Laina said...

Those cakes/cupcakes look awesome!! And i'm so excited to see what you whip up with your sewing machine!

Ramsey said...

Where do I start. Can you mail me a cupcake? Those are adorable. I'm talking cupcake wars ready. Gah...there goes eating healthy. And sewing is awesome. It ain't just for little old ladies anymore folks! Seriously, mine is in the other room crying from neglect right now and we can't wait to have some time to spend together. And finally, yes, those animal crackers may be the best thing in the history of ever. I'm willing to test that theory.

Gentri said...

You have the best friends and boyfriends in the world!!! :D SOO Cute and amazing! Those cupcakes are ADORABLE!! You are super talented!! And I so wish I had a sewing talent. Unfortunately... I don't. SO I'm excited to see what you whip up with your fabulous new machine!! :)

Brad said...

I totally want a little cupcake too!!! Congrats on your big girl job! I am so proud of you.

Brad said...

ha ha it says Brad but it's me Adrienne

A-town said...

I love you and I'm so proud of you!

Ashley said...

SO excited for you Lori!!! Congrats! Have fun with the sewing machine!!!