Tuesday, July 19, 2011

AND they are off!

Our Save the Dates are finally off (well, minus a small handful awaiting to be dropped in the mail tomorrow morning)! Only about 2 months later than planned, but they are out nonetheless. I realize how incredibly late I am with getting them out, in case you just did the math yourself. I refuse to stress about it, though. I will learn from it and get my invitations going a LOT sooner. 

Though I can't quite reveal them yet, as they aren't all to their proper owners... I will share the stamps with which I am currently obsessed. 

Love. And they are forever stamps. I will most likely be stocking up on these babies for all of the thank you notes I will be sending in the next few months. 

Also, the KS gods must have heard my cries on Monday because I arrived home to a box on my front door step! My wedding shoes are officially in my possession. :) 

I have a to do list a million miles long between work and wedding. I am going to get back to it! 
Happy Tuesday. :) 


Sunny & Star said...

Those stamps are so beautiful! Good luck getting everything finished.

Gentri said...

LOVE those stamps!! SO cute! I want to see your invites SO badly! And yay for your shoes!

Natasha said...

such an exciting time...can't wait to see them!!!