Sunday, July 17, 2011

popsicles, plantations, and progress.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! I'm exhausted (per usual as of late) but it's been a great few days. 

My mom came into town on Wednesday and I have absolutely enjoyed every minute of her visit. we hosted a quaint little jewelry party on thursday and enjoyed getting together with both old friends and new. Friday I declared as "bring your mom to work day". We have been preparing for our annual 5K fundraiser at work and needed a few extra hands. My mother is one of the hardest working, giving, most compassionate people I know and therefor willing to help out. 

On Friday night CSB, mom, and I tried out a new(ish) restaurant in Franklin we have been talking about checking out for some time. It was delicious! The BBQ shrimp and grits + blue cheese was my choice of entree and did not disappoint. I absolutely love the shops in downtown Franklin but everything was closed after we finished dinner. It's on my mom and mine's list for her next trip. 

As our alarms were set for 4:15 Saturday morning. Yep. CSB, mom, and I were all up bright and early for the second annual Race Across the Spectrum, a 5K benefiting The Brown Center for Autism. This is my first year participating in the event and I truly enjoyed it! It was also a reminded of what wonderful people and parents with which I work. After an early and full morning, we rewarded ourselves with a yummy breakfast. CSB proceeded to head home and crash and I mom and I embark on wedding errands. 

First stop: Starbucks! Then Belle Meade Plantation to do another walk through. Last stop: Arzelles to try on my dress with mom. Loooooooove it. We also picked up my earrings and veil (!!!). Afterwards we decided to try out Las Paletas popsicles in 12 south. Delicious! Mom went with a strawberry cream and I tried the Mexican caramel- both were yummy! 

The rest of the weekend has been pretty low key (minus a high speed  chase/crash right in front of the townhouse last night and over 10 emergency vehicles + sirens hanging out for hours....). My mom left today and headed home. Bless her heart- her 2.5 hour drive turned into almost a 5 hour drive due to road construction and wrecks! I am sure she's glad to finally be home. 

Hope everyone's weekend was wonderful! 


Gentri said...

Aw that sounds so Fun!! So glad your mom was able to visit! That's always the best. :)

Alexis @bloomedinjune said...

yay for getting your veil and earrings! and glad you had a pretty great weekend :)