Monday, July 25, 2011

candle light.

In the past few years I've developed a slight addiction to candles. Not just any candles, though, specifically, Tyler candles. To me friends in real life, this comes as no suprise. I've even gotten a few of my Nashville friends addicted, too. They are a-mazing. My grandmother gave me one for Christmas a few years ago and since then my mom and I have both been hooked! 

Seriously, they are amazing. They are very fragrant and there are a wide array of scents from which to choose. My favorite scents, you ask? Fleur de Lis, Tyler, and Pineapple Crush are my top three. Limelight, Dolce Vita, and Homecoming (holiday/Christmas season) are definitely up there on the list, too. 

I have also recently discovered Voluspa candles (I picked mine up at Anthropologie after inquiring about the amazing smell in the store. Their marketing tactics are working!). I got the Baltic Amber scent. It is different from scents I usually go for but it's such a nice change. I have been burning it for about 30 minutes downstairs... I just ran upstairs to get something and was pleasantly suprised to be able to smell it there, too. 

I just wanted to share. Random Monday evening post, I know! 

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emily said...

pineapple crush - hands down my favorite!! but it's true...all of them are great candles!