Thursday, July 28, 2011

wedding wednesday... errr, thursday

I'm a day late. Not suprising with the week I have had thus far! I love my job with all of my heart but it has taken all of my energy this week. Last night I cam home, took a half hour break, and then worked until almost 10. Sheesh! So worth it, though. :)

Back to the topic at hand... Wedding Wednesday (Thursday). CSB and I received our first wedding gift today! And I opened it. And then considered etiquette. Am I supposed to do this??

P.S. How cute is this?? {source}


Gentri said...

So cute! Haha! Congrats on the first gift!! :D

Natasha said...

they say as long as you KNOW you're going to get married {obviously you are--duh}, you can totally open gifts--go for it!!!

Lauren said...

I opened all of our gifts when they arrived and wrote thank you notes as I went. I'd definitely recommend doing that so you don't have a billion to write after the wedding!

The Engaged Life said...

Love it!