Tuesday, July 12, 2011


...Wedding shoes, for that matter. I purchased them over the weekend and cannot wait for them to get here! After mulling and debating and mulling some more, I made a decision and order these babies:

It was a close race between a few other pairs: 

These were a really close runner up. They looked great on and I was obsessed with the pearls. However, I didn't feel as if they were as "wear-again" as I wanted. Also, my chosen pair was on major clearance! 

I also loved these. They are actually a bit similar to the bridesmaid shoes I picked. 

Since I'm talking about shoes, I will share my sweet bridesmaids' shoes, too! I went back and forth on making everyone wear matching or to let everyone choose... And after finding these (again, on sale!) I went for it. 

(This is an image one of my bridesmaids send as I can't find a quality image online!)

Now, if only kate spade actually mails my shoes to me. It is certainly another story for another day but I had some major issues with ordering! I certainly didn't expect it from a very reputable company but have been impressed thus far with the measures taken to resolve it (though it's not yet completely resolved!!). 


Gentri said...

So cute! Great choices!! :D

Alexis @bloomedinjune said...

those kate spades are gorg and i also love your bridesmaids shoes! oh, shoes are so lovely...

Lu said...

Super cute shoes!! Love love love!

The Guff said...

cute cute cute!!!