Tuesday, November 1, 2011

the night before (edited!)

I just realized tonight (and am a tiny bit bummed!) that I took very few pictures at the rehearsal dinner. We hosted our wedding party, family, and close friends for dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants on Friday night before all of the festivities. CSB took me to Mere Bulles for my birthday the first year we dated and we often go for lunch or a special occasion dinner. It was definitely our first choice for rehearsal dinner location and they did not disappoint. The food and service were both amazing! We had cocktail hour on the porch before dinner, all gathered inside for dinner, and the boys migrated back out to the patio after dinner for cigars. 
It was so nice and a great opportunity to get to spend time with friends and family members before the wedding. It could not have been more perfect!

Little brother, junior bridesmaid, and me. 

Sweet ring bearer and little brother.

The hubs and me at dinner. 

My sweet babies. 

The little brothers hilarious/tear jerking speech.

Bridesmaids, my wonderful momma, and me. 

CSB and LAK (bridesmaid). 

Plus me!

The set up. 

Rebeks (MOH), and beautiful parents to be for time number two!

The boys and their cigars. 

More to come... Bridesmaid brunch is up next! And then for the professional picture reveal as soon as I get them. :) 

One of my sweet bridesmaids flooded my inbox last night with lots of awesome pictures from the wedding weekend! Here are a few she snagged of the rehearsal: 

Or a bottle, ladies, either way. :) 

And, for good measures. 

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