Thursday, December 29, 2011

a little Christmas recap

The past week has been a whirlwind. A good whirwind filled with family and love and way too many gifts but a whirlwind nonetheless. We started in Georgia at my momma's with my brother and grandparents. What a wonderful 3 days we had! I simply cannot get enough of my family and am so thankful my grandparents were able to make the trip and be with us this year. CSB and I then traveled to Kentucky to be with his family for a few days. It was tough for me to leave my family on Christmas afternoon {but I made it this year with no tears}. We were spoiled once again by CSB's family; our little 4-runner rode a bit heavier on the way back to Nashville yesterday! 

My favorite gift this year? My grandmother knit me an absolutely beautiful burnt orange poncho. I can only imagine the hours she put into it and teared up a little when I opened it Christmas morning. Pictures to come, soon; it will be traveling with me this weekend to Memphis for the bowl game. My brother also gifted me with a perfect Kate Spade tote and my momma got me some gorgeous and simple KS pearls. The hubs got me a new Chi {with his favorite feature: it automatically turns off!} and a new quilted jacket. My momma also got us some new sheets. Seriously, the softest sheets I've ever owned! I am officially on the lookout for Peacock Alley sheets at T.J. Maxx or Tuesday Morning.  

As soon as I upload pictures from the camera to my Mac I will share. :) 

Hope everyone's Christmas was wonderful!



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Sara said...

Merry Christmas! Sounds like yours was lovely!