Saturday, December 24, 2011

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...

Here are a few of my favorite "pinned" projects that I just didn't quite have time to complete this year... Maybe in 2012!

I love the chalkboard and the burlap stockings. I also can't wait until we live in a house with a mantle sans large television as the focal point. 

I love this idea for a "plaid party". And just decorating with plaid in general. 

So cute. And simple. I am going to collect fabric scraps this year form my newfound hobby of sewing for this project! 

I did have the opportunity to try this recipe and it was delicious! I didn't like my batch (I substituted Fresca for for sprite... I don't recommend the substitution!) but my friend bought a batch to a party and it was delicious! I love all things pomegranate and this (when made correctly) did not disappoint. 

Merry Christmas Eve to all! 

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