Sunday, January 15, 2012

sunday sewing II

I officially love my little sewing machine. And officially feel like I am learning how to use it! I completed my first project today, and am actually pleased with the outcome: 

 (pillow on the right was purchased at TJ Maxx; I recently saw the exact same fabric it was made from for more per yard than I paid for one pillow!)

I haven't quite figured out how I am going to arrange them... But I will definitely be making a few more  for the love seat. 

 LIke I said, for my first real sewing project, I am really pleased. And I really enjoyed the process. Each pillow took about 35-45 minutes, including cutting out the pattern. Not too bad! I found a tutorial here

After a morning of sewing the hubs and I took Paisley pup to the dog park and then explored the farmer's market. Since it was almost 4:00 on Sunday afternoon, most vendors were closed. We are planning to go back next Saturday to do a little produce shopping. 

We ended the evening with a late lunch/early dinner at a new neighborhood restaurant, 
Edley's Bar-B-Que. So delicious! We ended our meal with a Bushwacker.... Yum! 

After dinner I decided to complete one last weekend project, a ribbon headband.... So easy! 

Enjoy the last few hours of the weekend! 


katie lake said...

Sewing is seriously addicting. I have made a pillow cover for pretty much every throw pillow I can get my hands on. When I get bored I go buy a few yards of fabric and change them up! I just finished curtains for the picture window in my living room this weekend.

Sara said...

Congrats on your first sewing project! They look AWESOME!