Saturday, January 14, 2012


Oh. My. Goodness. I had great intentions to start the year off on a good blogging foot. And have certainly not done so well thus far. I have excuses for miles... Work has been crazy and often consisted of 10-11 hour days and I have had little time to myself. That being said, life has been boring and un-blog worthy.

CSB and I are still enjoying life as newlyweds and adjusting to "real life" post-holidays and crazy travel schedules. We have very little planned from a travel perspective over the next few months and I am completely alright with it. A little weekend beach escape at the end of the month and a trip to Kentucky in February.

I am really hoping to get some projects accomplished this weekend. I have added about 100 projects to pinterest I would like to complete and completed only 1 1/2 (yep, a half) of them.

I started this project and still need to go back and make some repairs, and part of it fell apart immediately after finishing it...

I also made homemade sugar scrub this week for myself and all of my sweet work friends. It smells so good and leaves your hands feeling really moisturized! I can't wait to try it on my feet and legs this weekend. Definitely an easy project to try!

Here are the projects I hope to complete this weekend, in addition to new pillows for the living room: 


I also can't wait to attend a baby shower this afternoon for a sweet grad school friend and her husband, who are welcoming their first baby into the world in the next few weeks! 

Off to the fabric store I go! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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