Sunday, January 22, 2012

weekend projects

This weekend has consisted of projects, projects, and more projects! Just before Christmas the hubs and I started refinishing an old table for our kitchen nook to replace the finger-print hoarding glass top one that we currently use. Needless to say, the project is still not quite done. It's much closer, though! I put two more coats of a darker stain on it yesterday and began the process of putting polyurethane on it today. I also sanded the chairs, primed them, and painted them high-gloss black. I'm excited to get the project done, as it has taken far longer than anticipated. Here are a few progress pictures. Yes. We resorted to completing the project in the middle of our tiny living room. We were desperate and tired of waiting on the weather to cooperate. 

I also undertook another sewing project this weekend! This one was quite a bit more complex than last weekend's pillows. This sucker required a lot of manual-reading and internet-searching. I used this pseudo-tutorial  as well as countless other tutorials, several from this fun blog. The main addition/change I made to the pattern was to add interfacing. I actually made the entire bag the first time and then decided it was too floppy. 
I went back and ripped out all my seams, failed attempted to add piping, sewed back together, slid a piece of interfacing in before sewing together the bottom seam, and viola! 

The green is a different color in real life. A little less kelly green-ish. Oh iPhone pictures. 

I was determined to finish this project before heading to the beach later this week... More about our trip to come. Hope everyone's weekend was wonderful! 

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Gentri said...

Such cute projects!!