Saturday, February 4, 2012

weekend sniffles

Well, actually substantially more than just a case of the sniffles. I've been coming down with something/sick since Tuesday. Coughing, stuffy head/nose/ears alternating with runny nose, sore throat, gross cough. You know, the crud that kids carry around constantly this time of year. Being the stubborn busy, working girl I am, I put off going to the doctor, expecting it to run it's course by the weekend. I expected wrong. I woke up yesterday morning feeling horrible... I still went to work, since we don't see kids on Fridays.  I even made it to dinner with friends last night and thought I was on the upside. Buuuut, no. I slept no more than 2-3 hours last night, waking myself up coughing (poor hubs) or because my head was so stuffed up I couldn't breath. {Side note 2: Off brand Nyquil is for the birds. I should have made an extra run to Walgreens last night instead of being lazy and buying the version at the dollar store}

I am supposed to be in Kentucky at a black tie even with the hubs. Instead, I am in bed. And have been all day, except for my trek to the good 'ol minute clinic. An inhaler and prescription cough medicine later I am hoping to sleep tonight and wake up a little perkier tomorrow.  And that this passes by Monday.

In other news, last weekend we went to the beach. It was glorious. Let's not talk about our drive, it does not fall in the glorious category... However, the fact that we got to spend 3 whole days at the beach was definitely worth it! We are already planning a possible June trip, except this time we will be flying.

We took no pictures. Fail. One on the beach and a few more of us girls' Monopoly domination. After hating Monopoly since college, I think I might like it again!


Emma said...

I hate hate being sick...nothing worst. Hope you feel better ASAP!

And Kentucky you say?! I'm from KY! :)

Just seeing one picture/hearing that you stepped foot on a beach makes me totally jealous!

L.Caroline said...

Yes! My husband is from Kentucky and we visit fairly often!