Sunday, February 19, 2012

the weekend

What a wonderful, but as always too short, weekend it has been (Of course I have no pictures...)!  It started out with date night Friday with our sweet neighbors, N & S. They have two precious little ones and don't get too many chances to go out, so we jumped on them having a babysitter and ventured to Cantino Laredo for yummy skinny margaritas and delicious mexican food. On Saturday morning CSB and I woke up and quickly cleaned the house in preparation for two of my favorite people in the world to visit. My mom and grandmother (AKA "Gaga") arrived around 10:00 Saturday morning and we enjoyed a girls day out. Lunch and shopping in Green Hills (As well as a haircut for this gal... more to come on that!) followed by a late birthday celebration for my sweet Gaga last night. They headed back to my mom's around noon today, and I was so sad to see them go! CSB spoiled us with a delicious breakfast this morning and we made a trip to JoAnne's in the snow flurries before they headed out. 

(Not like you haven't seen this already...)

I am so thankful for my wonderful family and that I have such close relationships with both my mom and grandmother. I simply cannot imagine life being as full without them. I'm getting a little sappy... That's what happens when the hubs gives me half a glass of sangria at lunch! 

Hope everyone's weekend was as good as ours! 

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