Friday, March 30, 2012

kentucky derby party planning

As you probably know, the husband is a Kentucky boy. And crazy about his horse races! I had a thing or two to learn when we started dating as my experience was pretty limited. It's certainly a fun past time and I now look forward to attending various horse races  each spring and fall. Last year we happened had our engagement pictures taken on the same day as the Derby (Not by choice of CSB, mind you), complete with mint juleps! 

We hoped to get Derby tickets this year but they ended up being substantially more than we cared to pay for them. So, what's second best to attending? Throwing a derby party! {Confession: It's only been 6 months since the wedding and I am already itching to plan something.}

Here's a look at my initial plans:

1. Party supplies for the event; I love the 2012 print on the cups. 
2. Mint juleps, of course. {Image via}
3. Lots of red roses for decoration and as centerpieces {Image via}
4. Derby Pie {via: Southern Living}

Since this is our first derby party, I would love to hear any suggestions, especially form any of you Kentucky gals out there.
And, to any Nashville gals- if you ever need fresh flowers in bulk (for reasonable prices) check out Import Flowers. I shopped for most of our wedding flowers here and they have a great selection! I will certainly be making a run before the derby party.

Happy Friday! Hope everyone's weekend is amazing. 


flower de lis said...

Don't forget your hat or a fabulous fascinator! I am from Derby City and now live in Southern KY and work in Nashville and miss Louisville around Derby time so much! Hope your party is a fun time!

Lauren said...

Us KY girls have Derby parties every year! We get all the horses names racing in a hat, everyone draws a horse and all chip in $ for the big race. Whichever horse wins/whoever has that horse wins the big pot of $$!! :) Have fun! Can't wait to see your party blog post next month!