Saturday, May 12, 2012

derby party!

Last weekend a crew of friends gathered for our first annual Derby party. It was definitely fun! CSB got up early and started the smoker in the rain... It rained for a few hours in the morning but luckily cleared up by noon and the weather was beautiful (but hot). Unfortunately my camera refused to focus and I have only iPhone pictures from the day (despite just getting my camera "fixed" a few weeks ago!). I snagged the hubs' iPhone 4 (with a much better camera) a few times but most of the pictures are from my 3G. I also was so frustrated with my camera that I forgot to take pictures of most things until the end of the evening.

The horse cookies! Made with the sugar cookie and icing recipe my mom used when I brother and I were little. 

We hosted a contest for best dressed and everyone also got to draw a horse before the race began. The gift baskets included wine, bourbon, cookies, and bourbon pecans. 

One of our guests took, "draw a horse" in a little different direction. Too funny!

Kitchen set-up... I was able to reuse lots of decorations from our wedding! Some of our sweet friends also gifted CSB and I with a bottle of Woodford's Derby bourbon. I can't bring myself to opening it quite yet because it's so pretty. 

The bourbon punch was a hit... I think a total of 4 pitchers were consumed over the course of the afternoon. 

Paisley and I on Sunday morning... She was wiped from all of the excitement! 

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Lauren said...

All the decor is soo great!