Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas DIY #1: Personalized ornaments

I've been busy the last couple of days! I've started making Christmas ornaments for gifts and for our tree. Here's a preview:

This is the other side of another one, I haven't added the ribbon yet. 

I've also done a UK one for the future in-laws, a UGA one for the grandparents, and a GT one for little brother. I will post them when I am done.

All you need for this is glass ornaments, acrylic paint, and ribbon. Choose your favorite team OR an occasion to be remembered from 2010: Baby's birth, new puppy, engagement, etc.
(Only 2 of the 3 apply to me in the past 2 months, don't get any ideas!)

Also, Hobby Lobby and Michaels BOTH have plain ornaments on sale this week for 50% off. I've been to Hobby Lobby twice (there isn't one in Nashville and I am obsessed!) and Michaels once in the last 2 days. Seasonal ribbon is also 50% off right now at Michaels and ribbon by the spool is 50% off at Hobby Lobby. I also stocked up on ribbon for other projects!

I spent a total of around $15 for 8 ornaments, and paint.  Not the cheapest project I've done but I will get 4 Christmas gifts out of that $15!

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A-town said...

oh my gosh. stop it! this is too cute!