Thursday, November 18, 2010

FREE Christmas cards for blogging? Yes, please.

I have been debating (more on the debate) on sending out Christmas cards this year... I've stalked several online websites for cards and continue to find myself on Shutterfly. A blogging (and real life!) friend  shared Shutteryfly's current (a-mazing!) offer: 50 free cards for blogging about their Christmas cards/products. As I said above, yes, please!
Shutterfly's website has, by far, the best selection of photo Christmas cards! I have browsed through almost all of them in the last week day. I cannot wait to order some! I may order a few Christmas gifts, too- I really like the  desk calendar (for my mom- she'd love a year full of family pictures). I am new to using Shutterfly but have heard only good things form my friends and family that have ordered products. This will be my first year sending out Christmas cards and they have to be just right.  

Here are my 10 favorites, in no particular order: 

Decisions, decisions! Shutterfly, you are incredible and I look forward to ordering my Christmas cards.

As for the debate: Is is "kosher" to send out Christmas cards as an engaged couple with a puppy? I hope so! Be on the lookout for a Christmas card in the near future... Aren't you all (all 4 of you) excited to see which one I choose?  


The Guff said...

uh...of COURSE you can send cards out!!! and you are too a family! :) I KNEW you would love the first (plaid) one!!! knew it , knew it! Love you!!!

A-town said...

you can use themas your save the dates (just planting the seed)

Lauren said...

I love how ALL of you girls blog... 1. because I am not creative at all so I get to be inspired by others creativity and 1. because I can stalk all of your very cute and adorable lives to distract me from studying for school ;)

Ashley Plant said...

I am so glad I saw your blog show up on my facebook...I love reading blogs and I know I will love reading yours!! Congratulations on the engagement!!

The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

I LOVED 1 and 3!!! omg, is THAT what the deal is??? i want free cardddssss wahhhh

L.Caroline said...

Yes! Go here: