Sunday, November 14, 2010

"You can't decorate for Christmas yet, there are still holidays between now and then!"

I truly was ready to decorate for Christmas before the trick-or-treaters showed up at the door on Halloween. I announced this to the fiance, the title of the blog his response. I've held out until now, but it's not going to last much longer! Though I love fall, Christmas is by far my favorite season for which to decorate. Break out the garlands and wreaths and ribbon!

Here are some of my inspirations this season:

I am obsessed with the monogramed (shock!) wreaths. I am planning to incorporate this concept into my wedding and also like it for Christmas. Though this will be my future last initial I will hold out this year! 
(Image from Ballard Design's website) 

These are also from Ballard Design. I want to make the one on the bottom left, with the single ornament. Pretty sure I can.
I love Ballard Design's entire catalog. The prices? Noooot so much. I do recommend all my blogging friends in the Atlanta area check out their outlet, however. I got a great $150 rug for $40 this summer. 

I wish. Thank you Southern Living for making me dream big. 

This was my front door last year: 

Stay tuned for this year's! 


A-town said...

you always make me want to make wreaths. I have this dream of one day making a bike themed wreath... haha I know I'm lame.

The Guff said...

What. Ever. Decorate whenever you want! I mean, when you are the queen of something, you can do it whenever you want, however you want. Oh I am gonna SO miss your pumpkin bread this year:(:(:(:(:( BOO.

The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

doooo itttt i want to enjoy my xmas stuff as long as possible! i am SO cozy and content with the decorations up! haha

p.s. i helped make moss letters for my friends wedding the other weekend. super easy and saved her $80 at LEAST. i too am obsessssssed with monogram stuff + the moss letters!

scroll down to the st.simons wedding where the "k" and "p" are! so cute!

L.Caroline said...

Definitely looking at the letters! Thanks.

A-town: I think we've talked about a bike wreath before... I like it!

Guff: Maaaaaaybe the pumpkin bread fairy will make you some when you are here. :)