Friday, January 7, 2011

NYC Dress: Update

When Sean and I traveled to NYC last year we stayed at The Waldorf Astoria, a historic hotel in the city. A-maazing- I felt like I was staying in someone's guest room... With a bellhop to manage my luggage! It had so much personality and was walking distance to everything. CSB and I also got stuck in a haunted elevator on the 13th floor one night. Freak. Out. (Natalie, I completely understand. And we were only stuck for a mere 30 minutes seconds) And I digress. Though my NYC trip was great it's not what I'm blogging about tonight (feel free to read about it here if you missed it!).

While in NYC, way before CSB and I were engaged, I spotted my dress. 
And had to walk by it every. single. day. It was displayed in the lobby of our hotel. I made no secret to CSB (hey, it obviously didn't scare him away!) that I was obsessed. I have no idea who the designer was. Or, the price. I'm guessing out of the "reasonable" price range.

This may be the only dress image I post... It's something I'll blog about post wedding. This isn't the exact dress but it's the closest one I've found to my NYC dreamer. Imagine this dress without the side bow. 

Love the pockets. And the fabric. 

Edit: AHHHHH! Apparently the picture will not post... I could see it when I wrote the post. Weird. So, if you're reaaaaaly curious, here's the link:

I'm going dress shopping with my mom in 10 days. (!!!) Cannot wait! 


The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

i'm dying of suspense bc the image won't load on my comp. blasted {free} internet!

mattie said...

whaaaaa! I can't see the image of the dress, either?!?! I am DYING to see it. I love your color & decor ideas. I can't wait to see more!

L.Caroline said...

So weird! Here's the link:

The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

you have to be a member, email me the pic!

ordyandjoon at gmail. com

L.Caroline said...

Ok! Haha- totally did not mean this to be complicated. What's your email?

A-town said...

can you email it to me too. Please I'm dieing to see it!

Summer Safrit said...

Um, it's stunning!

Fiona said...

I couldn't see the dress !!!. The image doesn't load. The link is for members to sign in.