Sunday, August 14, 2011

a nashville weekend, part I

This weekend was again filled with wedding festivities! My "second family" drove up to Nashville for the weekend with all the supplies for a backyard barbecue in honor of CSB and myself. And by all I mean they thought of everything... Food (delicious. all of it.), wine, beer, a cake, and adorable decorations! We spent the afternoon setting up (while the boys made a visit to Yazoo) and then relaxed and enjoyed the company of great friends! I am so thankful for my great Nashville group of friends, both my friends from grad school and CSB's wonderful group of friends who have so willingly taken me in. I took an extraordinary amount of pictures this weekend and tried to narrow it down to my favorites. There may be a weekend, part II post to follow. 

a few "prep" pictures...

the cake... pre-face lift. 

 and post intervention. it was delicious! and I might have eaten another piece already today...
Like the "Bucks" hanging out? Ha! I cracked up. For those of you who don't know, my new last name will be Buck so it's completely fitting. 

I jokingly tied a dish towel around Paisley's neck because she was drinking water non-stop and dripping everywhere. Against CSB's will I decided I like it and left it on her. It ended up coming in handy later on in the evening when she knocked my drink over; I simply untied the towel and wiped it up!

a few party details.

julie was adamant we opened a present before the shower began to ensure the lemonade had a proper home. Thanks, baby Max! 

 the cake table.

CSB's drink of choice for the weekend.

now, for the people pictures! 

Grad school ladies. I'm sad this is blurry! 

My Rebeks! 

My sweet baby puppy, who was shockingly well behaved the entire evening! 

Paisley's new BFF.

My Sadie, my Paisley, and me (I'm sounding a little possessive)!

cutting the cake! the pictures of CSB and I together were all blurry...

 Our wedding gift from Sadie. Love. 

CSB and I with the artist.

I love a good apron! This came with Julie's top secret lasagna recipe with which I have been obsessed for years.

End of the night picture with the host and hostess... We have better pictures from the beginning of the evening but they are all on Julie's camera!

More pictures to come in part II!


Chelsea said...

too cute! hope you had a wonderful weekend! love your blog background! ALSO - au natural essie polish was a total let down, it comes out completely non-existent, totally clear. I was hoping for a little more of a notice-able "nude" look. The kenra blow dry spray was amazing. paired with my brazilian blowout serum, my hair looks amazing! Xoxo.

Reagan said...

It looks like you had an amazing time!! I miss you ladies! :)