Sunday, August 14, 2011

a nashville weekend, part II

I decided this weekend deserved two posts. CSB and I loved having 3/4 of the C family in town over the weekend. Julie and Rob were amazing hosts, who, as I mentioned thought of everything! Sadie got to attend her first "grown-up" party and was the hit of our rousing game of Catch Phrase at the end of the evening. "Baby" Max (he's now 5) was here in spirit and we enjoyed pouring lemonade from the thoughtful gift he picked out for us. This morning everyone rolled out of bed and we headed to get breakfast. Pancake Pantry was the first request but we didn't quite get going early enough to avoid the already formed around the corner line. We decided to head down the street to Noshville and it certainly did not disappoint. I tried the blintzes... Amazing! They might officially rank above their french toast or pancakes. 

Here are a few more pictures from this morning. 


Gentri said...

SO fun!! :D Paisley has gotten so big!

A-town said...

All I hear is
"Hay baby Max. Hay baby Max." -Ryan (with a top pony)