Friday, December 23, 2011

family traditions

Things have changed for my sweet little family over the last few years. I don't want to say that there have been any bad changes, per say, but some have certainly been more positive than others. Through it all my family has become closer and stronger. And we have embraced and welcomed my sweet husband into the family. I simply cannot imagine my life without him and am so thankful my family has welcomed him so sweetly. Ah, getting a little sentimental...

All of this sentimental talk brings me to think about family traditions. My family has always kept Christmas pretty simple. Dinner on Christmas eve, my mom's breakfast casserole on Christmas morning, followed by presents. As children my brother and I started a tradition of opening one present from each other on Christmas eve, a tradition we have upheld into adulthood. We planned to decorate the house together, but that is a story for another post that will most likely never be published. 

I am looking forward to new traditions as the years go by with my husband, too. This year we decided to have our own little "Christmas" the night before we left to travel and exchanged gifts at our house. It was sweet and something I think we will continue to do with at least one gift each year. We have been so hectic the last few months and I feel like I did not put as much thought/effort into planing and decorating and focusing on traditions as I would like to do in the future {though that is certainly not the reason for the season!} and look forward to doing a little more next year. 

What are your newlywed or newly married traditions? 

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katie lake said...

I love making new traditions! Before my parents divorced my momma always made breakfast Christmas morning before opening presents. Daddy and I decided it was time to get back to that so M and I are heading over there Christmas morning to cook breakfast before going to his Nannie's in the afternoon.