Sunday, February 5, 2012

movies on the go

The one good thing about being in the car for an extraordinary amount of time on our way to and from the beach was that my friend L and I got to sit in the back and watch movies (like children). When the hubs bought his 4-Runner they tried hard to sell him on the DVD player in the backseat. He waved it off, knowing it was only going to collect dust. Well, Mr. DVD player was taken on his major voyage last weekend. We watched several movies over the long weekend, some much better than others. 

First on our list: I Don't Know How She Does It. Grade: C-. Not quite failure, but pretty close. We actually watched this one with the husbands at the condo one night. Bless their hearts. It was just not good. 

This one was definitely a good one! Enough comedy for the situation... The boys actually would not have minded this one. Instead, they had to listen to our commentary on it from the backseat while sitting in traffic. 

Oh goodness. Loved the storyline but it was so violent! I had to look away several times from the animal cruelty and violence in general. Maybe I will try the book. 

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