Monday, February 6, 2012

to cut...

or not to cut. My hair. That, my friends, is the question. I've pinned {verb: to post ideas onto an online "pinboard"} short styles like crazy in the last few months. And I swore my long locks were going to be gone October 16. This is the longest my hair has been in, well, a long time. And the longest period of time in my life I have ever had long hair. I like the convenience. Letting it air dry 4-5 days and week. It's in a ponytail by noon, so why bother with a style I have to fix? But, it's really boring. And dull. And I am in need of a change. But then again it's really versatile this length. I can curl, straighten, air dry, put up in low messy bun (my go to)... So many options!

But then I see cute styles like this...

love this lady's blog... Lots of great hair ideas! Via

Both of the above updos are with shoulder length hair... I would still have options! 

I also have a few friends who went shorter last year and I definitely had some hair envy. 

And it will grow back, right??

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Janna said...

I cut mine short after oue wedding- and loved it! Not sure I'd go back to long. It's what my sister called a lob- but it's right at my shoulders.