Saturday, February 11, 2012

weekend confessions

I am ridiculously addicted to the show gossip girl... I just started watching it on Netflix in January and completed season 4 last night. It's a little embarrassing, but I am a lot hooked.

Instead of taking Paisley to the dog park today, as planned, we dropped her off at "doggy day care" this morning. It was 30 degrees. And wet. And spitting snow. Judge away.

When CSB is out of town I check the locks on the door not less than 5 times before going to bed. And sleep with the bedroom door locked. With Paisley on the bed. And my active imagination always still convinces me someone is in the house. Next purchase for the Bucks? Monthly security alarm service.

I bought a jar of Nutella last weekend and it is almost gone as of this morning. I would like to blame CSB for his contribution to this, but truth is he hasn't touched the stuff. Oops.

I am dying to have a little-one-with-two-legs... I won't type the word (the hubs occasionally browses the blog). But am committed to waiting for a few years. And until we have more space. And less debt.

That's about all I have confession-worthy. Happy weekend!

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Ashley Welling said...

A little one with two legs is the most wonderful thing in the world!!! Your mom and Gaga would flip too! My mom (and dad and brothers) are all ruined over my little two legged sweetness!!