Wednesday, March 28, 2012


In no particular order, here a few of my current obsessions. 

Fingernail polish. And changing it 1-2 times per week. This seems to be a habit that comes and goes for me. I will be really obsessed for a few weeks and then cut all of my fingernails off and keep them natural for a few weeks. I cannot stand my fingernails long and polish-less. It gives me the heebie-jeebies for whatever reason and I can't stand how my nails feel when I touch things... Weird, I know. 
My favorite colors at the moment are Sand Tropaz (1.), Cute as a Button (2.), and Glamour Purse (3.), all by Essie.

Kickboxing. I'm obsessed. I'm gradually feeling less out of shape, even. But my poor knuckles... They are finally adjusting and no longer bruised/busted.  Kickboxing is also part of the reason I feel the need to change my fingernail polish. I cannot stand chipped fingernails... And needless to say kickboxing is not to kind to manicured nails. Wow, I am sounding pretty high maintenance. 

All things navy blue. This is actually not a new obsession. But I am excited it's such a popular color this season! Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Navy wedges {via BR}  2. Tunic {via H&M}  2. Bangle {via Kate Spade}  4. Flats {via Tory Burch}

I am also obsessed with coral and pink accessories.

1. Necklace {via Kate Spade}  2. Heels {via Steve Madden}

And stripes. Though I have already purchased two striped dresses in the last two months, I can't help but drool over all things striped. Especially dresses! 

The Nutrition Diva. My good friend L introduced her podcasts to me this week and I have already listened to almost 20! They make morning walks more enjoyable (music makes me feel bored) and are really interesting. 

Anybody share any of the my obsessions??

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