Thursday, January 20, 2011

Luck Be a Lady, II

I mentioned in my previous blog entry my good wedding-luck thus far. And I mentioned another wedding-related item on which I was waiting to arrive. Well, it made it today!

I discovered Cassandre Snyder Design while browsing Southern Weddings blog (an absolute favorite of mine to browse!) and she happened to be hosting a great giveaway for anyone preparing to "I Do". Instead of just one prize she ended up sending out three and I was one of the lucky winners! I received in the mail today an autographed copy of Mindy Weiss's The Wedding Book and a handwritten note from Cassandre (seriously, what's better than getting mail? and handwritten notes? annnnnnd a handful of almond hershey kisses!) 

Here are a few of my favorite discoveries thus far: 

 I know nothing  about train terminology! 

 Love it! 

Notice the seventh flower on the list? Yep. :) 

I also attended a bridal show a couple weeks ago and won a $50 gift certificate to a salon right down the road from my house. This is perfect since my prior hairstylist seems to have taken a permanent maternity leave. And I haven't had a haircut since, oh, 2010. HAHA. Seriously though, September. 
Can anyone say split ends?


A-town said...

my goodness, this book is perfect for you. Now scribble notes all over it. and then pass it down to me. kthanks

L.Caroline said...

Haha! I will. You will get lots. :)